Natural Living

Immerse Yourself
in a Green Haven

We’ve designed Parc 3 so you have the best in natural, green living in the heart of the city.

Directly across the road from Parc 3 is Taman Pudu Ulu Recreation Park - 33 acres of green expanse that will become your weekend and after hours playground.

Three other park spaces have been masterplanned into Parc 3 by one of Malaysia’s best landscape architects so you’ll enjoy a prestigious natural lifestyle in the heart of the city.

Meandering through a jungle-inspired walkway takes you to the three parks which Parc 3 is inspired by and named after.

Central Park

on Levels 7A & 8
a podium level expanse of green and an inviting hub for Parc 3’s Olympic-sized pool and other recreational and family fun facilities.

Sky Park

on Levels 23 & 27
beneath cavernous ceilings - complete with columns wrapped with creepers and canopies - there are cosy nooks and places for rest and relaxation as well as sharing relaxing times with family and friends.

Moonlight Deck

on Levels 45 & 46
a secluded garden and observation deck with a commanding 360 degree view of the city. Have a picnic or gaze serenely at the sun or stars.

Background picture:


Taman Pudu Ulu Recreation Park

Just Across The Road

Parc 3’s orientation has been carefully thought through to give the best views of adjacent Taman Pudu Ulu Recreation Park as well as KL city.

Parc 3 will also conform to Eupe’s very own Sustainability Plus guidelines.

These guidelines have made us an award-winning leader in Malaysia for green, high-rise residential development.

The four key eco-design principles of Sustainability Plus are:

Healthy Air

Designing our Building to Harness Natural Air Flows to Create a Healthy, Comfortable Living Environment

Iconic Design

Creating Inspiring Skylines through Architectural and Design Innovation

Green Community

Linking Nature with the Community through More Gardens and Green Spaces

Smart Connectivity

Harnessing the Internet to Create and Connect Vibrant Communities

Parc 3 is designed to harness natural air flows to give you a healthier, more comfortable living environment.